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Research applied to Tradition

We Are Different


We are not your usual cooperage. We don't come from an old family saga that has inherited the business. Our origin story: Knowledge, study and research.
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We Question How Was Done Before


Without throwing away traditional systems and knowledge, we question and improve them.
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Putting Our Knowledge to Work


We are passionate about analysis, study, research and development. Our goal is a better product and a better service.
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We work hand in hand with technological leaders and universities, with outstanding performance in key areas of research and development for this industry.
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Commitment to the Job

enamorados de nuestro oficio

Our work team (coopers, sales force) has experts from different fields: Chemists, Enologists or Agronomists. We are passionate about what we do and love the world of wine. In fact, each of us is capable of making a barrel from start to finish.
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Control of the Whole Process

proceso completo

We complete a rigorous selection of oak; we make the split in our facilities. For the seasoning, we follow a careful analysis of the wood, as well as an exhaustive control of the weather conditions. And then we customize the build of each single barrel.
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We are Versatile


We are versatile. Our barrels are customized and made-to-order; from classical barrels to big vats; for small to large quantities. Our dedication is the same for all our clients.
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We are Part of a Business Group

grupo de bodegas

We belong to a business group that includes wineries in several wine designations of origin.
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Sister Tonnellerie

Toneler�a en Francia

We count on the contribution of our sister cooperage in France. Between the two centers, with different products and philosophy, we are able to cover a wide market, in different countries with different needs.
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Industrial Tonelera Navarra, S.L.U.
Pol�gono Industrial la Moyuela 31522
Monteagudo (Navarra) - Spain
Phone: 34 - 948 843 104
e-mail: Commercial department